Tennis Betting Online in Australia

Tennis is a sport that is loved by millions of people all over the world. In Australia, Tennis is certainly one of the most viewed and bet on competitive sports. The intense action and drama of a major tennis tournament makes online tennis betting one of Australia’s biggest online bookmakers markets. While there are many tennis tournaments played around the world, the Australian open is a tournament that captures the attention all Australian sport fans. It is one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world and heralds the start of the annual Grand Slam tournaments. A player’s performance in the Australian open is often a key indicator of their performance in upcoming tournaments.

One of the major draw cards of online Tennis betting is that it can be as simple or as complicated as you wish to make it. One thing to bare in mind is that competitive tennis is divided up into several categories. Firstly, tennis can be split into singles and doubles. Singles, as the name denotes is a match played between two individual players. In doubles there are two teams consisting of two players each competing against one another for the same match. Tennis is also split into the men’s and woman’s division each with a singles and doubles competition. Lastly there is the mixed doubles division where one man and one woman play as a doubles team.

In tennis betting, there are a number of standard and exotic bets a punter can make. Some of the most commonly placed tennis bets are shown below:

  • Outright bets – These are tennis bets that can be placed at the start of a tournament where punters can bet on an individual player to win a tournament either in the men’s or woman’s division.
  • Match bets – These are bets where a punter can choose to bet on the outcome of an individual match in the tournament.
  • Set bets – These are tennis bets where a punter can choose to bet on the winner of a particular set in a particular match in the tournament.
  • Exotic bets – These are more interesting and difficult best a punter to make in tennis betting. These include betting on which player will win the first point, who will have the most aces, who will win the first game or the first set, what the score of the first game will b or will there be a tie break in the match.
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Types of Tennis Bets

Before placing tennis bets on any player or doubles team, a punter should know the history of the player in question and his or her current form. Attention should also be paid to home ground advantage as well as well as the fitness and health of each player. Some of the most popular tennis betting events for punters to bet on are the major tennis championships such as Wimbledon, the Australian Open, the French Open, US Open and the Fed Cup. These events often supply the most betting opportunities but with games being played every week of the year, punters are never without a chance to place a bet. If you are looking for the best online sport betting sites in Australia, look no further. We have listed and rated all of the country’s top online tennis betting sites right here.

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