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NFL betting is as exciting as the game itself!  American football may only be popular in America but it is an Australian punter’s dream when the stakes are considered.  It is one of the great games with sports betting enthusiasts because of the amount of games played during the season which runs from September through to January.  Due to the popularity of the game and the financial implication sports betting have on games such as the NFL AFC Championship games, this game now boasts more weekly games than ever before.  The Super Bowl is the most popular game in the American football season and the Pro Bowl is a close second for NFL betting enthusiasts.  Find the best sites for your sports punting listed on this page.

The most common form of American football betting is the Straight bet.  You choose a team in NFL AFC Championship games and either get or give away points as this type of bet involves the point spread.  The industry standard for this type of bet is -110.

If you, the Australian bettor, wish to disregard the point spread and rather bet on favourites without those teams having to win by a certain amount of points in order to win the bet, this is your type of NFL betting.

This is a bet against the bookmaker.  It doesn’t matter which team wins in this type of bet is to determine if the total amount of points scored in a game is over or under the total posted by the bookmaker.  This is the easiest bet to understand and explain.  In a case where the total score is exactly what the online bookmaker estimated, you will receive your betting amount back.

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This betting option allows you to place several bets in one to increase the stakes.  The downside of this type of bet is that all your NFL betting selections on the one ticket will have to win in order for you to win.  But the stakes are worth the risk for Australian bettors.

Other NFL Betting Options

There are many more betting options to look at for example Teasers, Pleasers, Halftime betting, Prop bets, Futures, If betting, Reverse Wagers and Round Robin Parlays.  Sports betting is exciting as nobody can determine up front what the results of a NFL championship game would be as it may be influenced by weather conditions, human error, injuries and a load of other reasons.  This gives punting an edge of excitement.  NFL games are most probably the most exciting of these because of the varied and vast betting options.  You will find the best Australian sites for your NFL betting listed right here on this page.

Post Season NFL Betting

The betting doesn’t end when the American football season does.  Post season betting is higher than the actual season betting.  There are also some interesting Super Bowl bets you can place with some of the Super Bowl games for instance the result of the coin toss at the Super bowl.

Betting on the NFL is great fun and the best sites for Australian punters are listed right here.

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