Aussie Financial Betting

Financial betting is as exciting as any other type of betting.  It refers to betting on a price development of a financial instrument against odds offered by the betting site.  The maximum potential payoff of wagers is enjoyed when the bet is taken and as the corollary risk is known before the time by being limited to the initial stakes. The best Australian online bookmakers all offer this type of betting ad it can be incredibly rewarding for punters who place accurate bets.

The outcome of the wager at settlement is twofold, either win or loss.  Bets can however be sold before the settlement date allowing for possible bets on the accuracy of a market move within the fixed limits of a zero win and maximum potential win.

Financial betting consists out of three main variations which vary mainly in the way odds are displayed.  These types are fixed odds, floating odds and binary betting all of these very different to odds you’ll find with AFL Bets.

The difference between fixed and floating odds is that fixed odds betting don’t change and bettors know exactly which odds they will receive in the case of a win. Floating odds mean the odds are calculated for different strikes and how much can be won upon settlement depends on how much is bet at those odds.

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Types of Financial Betting

In binary betting the odds are displayed as an index from 0 to 100.  The bet settles as 0 if an event doesn’t occur and as 100 when it does.  An amount is wagered per point on the index.  The event ban be bought or sold which makes it possible to profit from both the event occurring or not.

Fixed Risk Finance Bets

Financial betting is popular as the punter has the advantage of being able to limit the risk to a known amount.  When a bet is entered into, the bettor knows beforehand what risk they are taking.  Bettors have the option to exit the bet at any time before settlement which means they have the option to minimize the risk even further.  This can also be applied to winning bets where winnings can be collected before the settlement time.

The benefit of leverage to bettors is that it allows a greater percentage change in capital rather than if it was invested directly in the underlying asset. This makes financial betting less capital intensive than trading directly on securities exchanges.

The Best Financial Betting Sites

Australian bettors wishing to try their hand at this type of betting are advised to use one of the suggested sites listed on this page as only the best sites are listed here. Odds have to be consistent with the real time pricing of the underlying financial instrument listed on foreign exchange markets or securities exchanges in order to avoid arbitrage opportunities.  Calculation of odds draws on the Black Scholes formula for pricing options.  A form of implied volatility is used to estimate the odds for future price movements using mathematical algorithms.  Financial betting is not as challenging as it sounds although some measure of analysis is suggested when placing your bets.

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