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The chance of getting three wickets in three balls is not very good. There have been even fewer times that 6 sixes have been hit in a single over. It’s difficult to even think of the last person to score a century in both innings of the same Test match. If you have ever tried cricket betting, you will know that if you place cricket bets on one of these situations actually happening, the chances of you winning that wager are fairly slim. Bookies know this, and so the odds on offer to punters are extremely high! What this means for the punter though, is that should you place one of these cricket bets and you actually win it, there will be some serious cash on its way to you.

Cricket is a strange game, with the unexpected happening more often that might normally be thought possible. At the same time however, there are distinct patterns and averages which allow punters to correctly predict certain outcomes. Perhaps you are a cautious gambler, and like placing smaller cricket bets on outcomes that you are more confident in. Or perhaps you like going for the underdog, knowing that you might lose more often, but when you do win, you win big! This is the joy of cricket betting at the finest online sports betting sites.

Cricket betting has a wide variety of betting options that are available for punters. Online bookies offer different odds across the various sites, which mean it is worthwhile to have a look around before deciding where to place your bet. We have listed here the top online Australian sportsbooks, making it easy for you to find the best odds from the most reliable sites.  It is possible to place a wager on the outcome of a certain match. You might predict a win for one of the teams. It is even possible to predict a tied match, which occurs rarely in one day matches or in 20 over matches. In a 5 day Test however, a drawn match is much more common. But punters aren’t only restricted to this type of cricket betting. It is possible to wager on who will score the most runs in a match, or in a tournament for that matter. You are able to place cricket bets on who will take the most wickets in the next IPL season, or even who will hit the biggest 6. Odds vary from small to extremely high, and so are well suited to the conservative punter or the punter willing to take some major risks.

TOP cricket betting SITESSeptember 2023
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Cricket Bets at Australian Online Betting Sites

Have a look at the cricket betting sites that we have researched on your behalf. These sites are the top online Australian sportsbetting sites, so you can rest assured that they will give you the best customer satisfaction in terms of a whole range of different factors. The only way to win big is to start placing cricket bets. Consider trying cricket betting as this seems like the obvious way to put your cricket knowledge to a great use!

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