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AFL betting allows Australian punters to place bets on this unique home grown game.  Australian football is unique to this country and consists out of some very interesting rules.  This game is exciting due to the speed and rules of the game and is not only loved by all its countrymen but also New Zealand fans where some of the games are being played.  This faced paced game is played on cricket fields or similar venues all over these two countries.

The League consists out of 18 teams spread over five states of Australia.  Only one state has only one team and most other states have two or more.  The state of Victoria boast ten teams as it is the state where the sport originated fromAFL betting can be placed on any of the matches.  These matches have been played in all the states and territories of Australia as well as in New Zealand.  Punter will find the best sites for AFL Premiership betting right here on this page.

The Australian Football League season currently consists of a pre-season competition which is currently branded as the NAB challenge which is followed by a 23 round regular or home and away season.  The regular season runs during the Australian winter months from March up until September.  The top eight teams of the regular season then play off in a four round finals series with plenty of AFL betting options, culminating in the AFL Grand Final which is held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground every year.  The winning team of the Grand Final is termed the premiers and is awarded the Premiership Cup.

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Unique Rules & AFL Bets

Australian football is full contact sport where players are allowed to use their hands and entire bodies to obstruct the opposition or move the ball around.  It is a unique game as the game is played with an oblong shaped ball which may be kicked between two goal posts to score.  The players are allowed to handle the ball and run with it but have to bounce it intermittently or touch the ground with the ball.  Players aren’t allowed to throw or hold the ball however.  The best sites for AFL betting can be found on this page as well as further AFL Premiership betting tips in our sports betting guides.

One very distinguishing rule of Australian football is the mark.  This is when a player catches a ball which has been kicked and travelled over 15 meters without being intercepted by a person.  Top bets can be placed on the distance of marks, the best mark and the player who will make the mark.  After a mark has been awarded, a free kick is awarded to the player.  There are various types of marks punters can bet on for instance the overhead, contested, pack, high, spectacular, chest, out in front, diving and any many other types of marks.

AFL Premiership Betting Sites

AFL betting sites offer different types of bets on all aspects of Australian football and punters will enjoy the varied and exciting types of bets they can place. On our site you’ll find the best Aussie bookmakers rated and reviewed and in minutes you could be AFL Premiership betting on this exciting game.

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